Each water project we implement is unique. They demand a specific set of requirements that affect duration of construction, budget, and location. Our water projects in Afghanistan range between $3500-6000. Projects include preliminary research, groundwork implementation, and post-work maintenance. Our projects are designed to unify, to build community. We don't just build water wells, we build relationships. 

“When a person dies, his deeds come to an end, except for three: ongoing charity (Sadaqah Jariyah), knowledge that is benefited from, and a righteous child who prays for him.”
— The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)


  • 2015
  • In honor of Hamid Anwar from his wife, Zohra Samadi and their three children 
  • 350 community members 
  • 40+ meters 
  • 1st completed water project in Afghanistan 



  • 2015
  • In honor of Bibi Haji Hawa Mohsen
  • 40 meters deep
  • Serves 120+ families, students from a local school, and farm animals


  • 2016
  • In honor of Shaesta Kakar
  • 80+ Meters deep
  • Serving over 200 families


  • 2017
  • In honor of Dr. Zabi Nessary and family, and group of young Afghan-Americans in the Washington D.C. area
  • Serves a Mosque and Village of over 600 families
  • 45+ meters deep
  • Electrical Power Source

Ghaibe Village

  • 2017
  • In honor of Sister Nadia Marouf, Layla, Luna, and Fadi. 
  • In honor of Abdulrahim Nasr, Chali, and his family 
  • Helped with the construction of a Mosque, utilized by the villagers and Mosque 
  • 40+ meters deep
  • Electrical Power Source

Paghman Village

  • 2017
  • In honor of The Nojan Family.  
  • 60+ meters deep