• Over 880 million people lack basic drinking-water, including 159 million people who are dependent on surface water.¹

  • By 2025, half of the world’s population will be living in water-stressed areas.¹

  • Women and children walk an average of 4 Miles a day in Africa and Asia to get water.²

  • Illiteracy is almost at 50% in sub-saharan, Arab, and south asian countries, with girls accounting for 60% of that rate.³

Why we are different

100% Volunteer-based

Every $1 contributed to Zam Zam goes towards our water projects and the preservation of our organization. Everyone on staff or affiliate of Zam Zam is a volunteer and receives no type of monetary compensation. We all selflessly share the same passion and dedication to fulfill our dream of serving those less fortunate by donating our most valuable asset: time.


We require each and every village that we serve to agree upon our terms to allow an equal representation of men and women on the water committees that oversee the projects’ maintenance and sustainability. Unfortunately, in many countries, women feel voiceless due to men overshadowing and dominating decisions made on behalf of their families and communities. What we strive for is a better quality of life by fostering positive social change and empowering not only men, but women.


Relationships we make with community members where we serve are of the utmost importance to our organization. Each project requires and deserves its own unique amount of attention.  We strive to build relationships by personally traveling to project sites and immersing ourselves within the communities we serve by learning from them, converse with them, share meals together, pray amongst them, etc. We strive to assimilate ourselves within their culture, their social norms, with the intention of understanding them better. Our hope is that our efforts carry a long-lasting impression of inspiration, as we find inspiration in them.

Allocation of funds

All contributions help support our organization and directly affect our projects. 91% of our public support goes directly towards our projects and 9% to the preservation of our organization. This support may include, but is not limited to: Social Good Fund Inc. fees, credit card processing fees, expenses for future fundraising events, marketing/advertising costs, and/or merchandise purchases. These costs indirectly affect our water projects by promoting our brand and reinforce our vision within the community here at home and abroad.

Administrative costs cont'd

Zam Zam provides the opportunity for many businesses, families, and personal donors to provide funds specifically earmarked for admin costs, travel costs, and otherwise specified accommodations, all with the intention of building relationships globally and providing media content, thus directly affecting our projects and brand in a positive manner.   

Travel: Our Executive Director has the fortunate opportunity of having United Airlines flight benefits for both domestic and international travel.


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² https://www.usaid.gov/global-waters/may-2011/six-kilometers-day

³ https://www.theguardian.com/global-development-professionals-network/2014/jun/17/literacy-women-illiteracy-development