300 Stories 

The Imam Bukhari Orphan Education Center is located in the Nawabad Demazaang village of Kabul City, Afghanistan.           Executive Directer, Dr. Suliman Nessary manages 300-orphaned students (160 girls, 140 boys) and over 35 staff members.

Each student has their own unique story. They have become part of our family. In 4 years, we are committed in investing towards providing education for these young students, job opportunity for our staff, and a hope for a better tomorrow for Afghanistan. 

THE students

160 Girls. 140 Boys. $375 per student, per year.


  • Daily Lunches
  • Medical Insurance
  • School Fees
  • Backpacks
  • School Uniforms

THE 4th floor

In honor of Dr. Saleh Abdel-Aleem and Tarek Abdel-Aleem. An area dedicated for the students, staff, and guests to come together

  • 300+ capacity assembly hall 
  • Kitchen
  • Cafeteria 
  • Library
  • Computer Lab

Water Project - 2016

Zarina Mujadedy, the Ahmadzai, Mujadedy, and Omar families came together in support to dedicate a water project for the students and staff as an honorary Saddaqa Jarriya project for their grandmother.