Rwanda: Turi Kumwe 

The Rwanda: Turi Kumwe project is designed to bring all of us together in serving the people of the Bugesera District, Rwanda through the implementation of multiple rain-catchment water systems, provide farm animals i.e. goats, cows, chickens, and cultivate dozens of sustainable vegetable and fruit gardens. Our projects costs an average of $6,500 per village.  


The 1994 genocide in Rwanda began in the Bugesera district. This left less than half of its population alive and in extreme poverty and socioeconomic turmoil. Many children in this region do not attend school due to the need to fetch water in such dire circumstances. The women are left either widowed or forced to be the head of the household, while the men venture out to find what little employment there is without the proper education or training skills. 

November 2017: Fatima Hassuneh

Fatima Hassuneh was an 18 year old aspiring medical student when she was tragically killed crossing the street on her college campus. Her family wanted to honor her legacy by building multiple water projects. Fatooma, as she was known to her family and loved ones, touched many lives at a very young age. Now, her legacy will be remembered by reaching out to the 1,904 and 1,960 people living in the Ruhanga and Rwamacumu villages of Rwanda, respectively.

JUNE 2017: the Noor family

Our third water project was completed thanks to the Noor family during the blessed month of Ramadan 2017. The Noors were inspired to contribute towards a water project and did not favor one country over another In their own words, 'we are all Gods children'. This specific water project serves over 560 people in the Mwesa village of the Bugesera disctrict. Goats and 30 community gardens were also provided to the villagers.   

January 2017: the Losi family

Our second water project was dedicated to Jim, Beverley, Caitlin, and Lukas Losi. Jim Losi is the main reason we were introduced Rwanda and its beautiful people. Jim was present on the ground during the genocide in 1994 and experienced the country at its worst. Over the last 20 years, he has visited dozens of times and is heavily invested in the people of Rwanda. That investment translated into a water project serving over 250 households in the Kivugiza village. Goats and 30 community gardens were also provided to the villagers.  

January 2016: Ziad ahmad Al-moghrabi

Our first water project in Rwanda began construction in Fall 2015. Dedicated to Ziad Ahmad Al-Moghrabi by his family after his abrupt passing. A retired pilot, one of his dreams was to visit Africa and meet its beautiful people. Little did he know that his name will forever be engraved in the hearts of over 550 people of the Kasibigege village. Goats, chickens, and 20 community gardens were also provided to the villagers.