~ 25 Water Projects

~ 2 Schools

~ 27,500 people served



~ 4 water projects 

~ 3,000 people served 


~ 10 Water Projects

~ 6,356 winter bundles

~ 15,000 students served


~ 22 Water Projects

~ 2 Schools

~ 28,300 people served


~ 1 Water Project

~ 1st Zam Zam Project

~ 663 people served

We are not just a water organization,

but a movement of humanity that vows to create opportunity.

Mission: To create a better quality of life by bringing water to those in need, one well at a time.

Vision: Zam Zam is a humanitarian organization devoted to playing a vital role in eradicating poverty by providing clean, sustainable water, access to quality education, and more equitable opportunities to villages across the globe.

We aspire to serve those in need. We are a water organization, but as well, a movement of humanity that vows to create opportunity for a better quality of life. What we strive for is creating positive social change and empowering men and women through education and opportunity.

We don't just build wells, we build relationships.


A message from Yusuf Ahmad Nessary

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