Education Is Life - Experiences From Rwanda By Sadaf Akbarzadeh

Salaam Zam Zam family and friends, peace and blessings upon you. As eight of us: Yusuf, Zarina, Wais, Deeba, Omar, Zareena, Mashall, and I began our trip together to Rwanda- our sole purpose is to share our spiritual journey with you in regards to the accomplishments as well as ongoing projects we have attained with your support.


The combination of four tiring flights expanding over 36 hours and changing logistics, my heart began to race with each passing flight. I held in hand my final boarding pass for our connecting flight to Kigali, Rwanda. My mind-raced back to my very first contribution to Zam Zam two years back to this very village. Circumstances were far different, as my initial involvement was solely for my brother's  well-being as he was critically battling cancer. Now, fast forward I was in Africa and hours away from meeting the people who prayed with my family and i at my darkest. I have made a personal commitment to the people of Rwanda as they continue to bring peace of mind and peace of heart to our lives.


Now, stepping off the plane, we were welcomed by our Rwandan family with warm hugs and immense hospitality. I was at a loss of words and fought back tears.

I hope our team regains everything they expect on this trip and may the selfness of our committed supporters continue to be accepted InshAllah. May we continue to lose ourselves in the servitude of our villagers here. May we be the firm voice of the voiceless.


Sadaf Akbarzadeh