Meet our translator, Augustin. A product of a Rwandan mother and a Congolese father, his childhood was plagued with interracial disputes. While living in a refugee camp in Rwanda, Augustin’s father was killed by an assassin hired by his paternal uncle. Two years later his mother passed away from lung cancer. As the eldest of four and despite these tribulations, his demeanor is coated with an unwavering level of contentment and cheer. His father once told him that a man must accept his fate or else he will be defeated by it. Instead of giving up, he and his siblings have turned tribulation into triumph by excelling in their academics. “We’re okay, we all made it” he put. 

His uncle has reached out to him, provoking him to come and “avenge his father’s death,” however his heart has no space for vengeance or hate. Not an uncommon characteristic for people in this region.