watershed conference

Zam Zam in Rome

On March 22, 2017, Zam Zam had the greatest privilege to take part in World Water Day’s Watershed Conference and exchange Zam Zam’s goals and ideas with some of the world’s most altruistic organizations on how to eventually defeat the global water crisis. One of the first Muslim Afghan-American millennial’s, our very own Yusuf Nessary, and several of Zam Zam’s compassionate members had the opportunity to represent Zam Zam on this global stage. Watershed is an annual event whose purpose is to devise and implement a 5-year plan on how to combat the global water crisis and Zam Zam is humbled to announce that we will take part in this conference to show the world the importance of the single most necessary resource: water. We at Zam Zam hope to bring the youth of the world together—this generation of brilliant minds must work together in overcoming this global issue.